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We deal with the topic of health to give you as much information and advice as possible to stay physically and mentally healthy in the long term. That’s why we have decided to become partners of the podcast “Be Well –  de gesonde Podcast” with Sarah Cattani, yoga teacher and coach of the vlog “gesondheet!”.

In her podcast, Sarah will invite experts from different health fields and have them discuss their experiences.

Picture ofSarah Cattani

Sarah Cattani


“Live in the moment” and “be well” are concepts Sarah Cattani has been living by for several years to lead a healthier and more balanced life. The long-time journalist, yoga teacher, and mother of two is passionate about everything that makes people happier, more balanced, and more relaxed. In her “Be Well – de gesondheet Podcast”, Sarah highlights topics that interest her and sets out to find ways to feel better on the inside and, as an extension, thus also on the outside.

Podcast Language :German


Human Design mam Franziska Müller

🔊 Bei Be Well, dem Gesonde Podcast zu Lëtzebuerg beschäftege mir eis mat eiser Balance, eisem Gläichgewiicht, eisem Wuelbefannen a kucke wei mir mat ganz verschiddenen Techniken eppes kënne veränneren. Haut schwätzt d’Sarah Cattani, Journalistin a Yoga Instructor, mam Franziska Müller iwwert Human Design. Wat ass et genau? A wéi kann et eis hëllefen? Lauschtert eran a fannt eraus wat et mat dësem System op sech huet!

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Podcast Language :French
Podcast Language :Luxembourgish
Podcast Language :Luxembourgish
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