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To ensure that this website functions flawlessly, we sometimes need to store small data packages on users’ devices. These are called cookies.

A cookie is a small package of data that a website stores on your computer, mobile phone or tablet when you visit the website. It is used, for example, to remember certain settings or actions for a certain period of time. This way, you do not have to re-enter this information every time you visit the website or visit different pages of the website.

In some cases, third-party cookies must be used in order to use their modules. This includes, for example, our videos which are hosted on Youtube and played directly through this website.

You can change your cookie settings at any time, and delete cookies if you wish.

You can find out more about this at You have the option of deleting any cookies already stored on your computer and setting most browsers to block cookies from being stored. However, this may mean that you have to make certain settings each time you visit a website, furthermore some services and features are not available without cookies.

Cookies we use:

Technical cookies:

Some of our pages use cookies to store

– your preferred display settings, such as language or font size;
– whether you have consented to the use of cookies;
– whether you have agreed to certain items being stored by YouTube and Spotify.

You can block or delete them, but this may cause some elements of the website to stop working properly.

The information contained in the cookies is not intended to further personal data. These cookies are never used for any purpose other than those stated here.

Cookies of third parties

YouTube & Spotify
We use YouTube for our vlogs, which inform you about new topics and current trends around health at regular intervals. We use Spotify for our podcasts. YouTube, as well as Spotify, each have their own cookies and privacy policies over which we have no control.

Depending on the settings of the browser you use, YouTube and Spotify may store data on your computer.

Before you can play the videos and podcasts, you must accept these cookies. If you have refused to accept third-party cookies in your browser, these elements will not be stored.


Typekit / Adobe Fonts*.
Typekit / Adobe Fonts – Request the user’s IP address
*Typekit / Adobe Fonts does not install cookies. However, if a font is requested by the visitor’s browser, the IP address of the visitor is recorded by Adobe and used for analysis purposes.

Compliance (Cookie Plugin)
cmplz_policy_id – 365 days – Store the ID of the accepted cookie policy
cmplz_functional – 365 days – Stock cookie consent preferences
cmplz_statistics-anonymous – 365 daysStock the cookie consent preferences
cmplz_choice – 365 days – Stock if a message has been ignored
cmplz_preferences – 365 days – Stock consent preferences for non-core cookies
cmplz_statistics – 365 days – Store preferences for statistical cookies
cmplz_marketing – 365 days – Stock preferences for marketing cookies
cmplz_consent_status – 365 days – Stock consent status

pll_language – none – Stores language settings

GPS – Session time – Record location data
YSC – Time of session – Records and tracks user interaction with Youtube videos
PREF – 8 months – Stores user preferences
VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE – 6 months – Provides bandwidth estimates

Sp_landing – 365 days – Used to implement Spotify audio content on the website and also to record information about user interaction with the audio content.
sp_m – 4 years – Stores language settings.
sp_t – 365 days – Used to implement Spotify’s audio content on the website and to record information about user interaction with the audio content.

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